Scott Skaletsky

Licensed in Illinois: November 5, 1981

Licensed in Arizona: 1988

Work Experience: first started as in-house counsel at the Missouri-Pacific Railroad (which became the Union Pacific Railroad). Then worked as an associate attorney at a number of personal injury law firms, including several that did both plaintiff and defendant personal injury claims. I gained a lot of courtroom and trial experience from my work at those firms. From 1989 to 2919 I had my own firm, with a partner from 1989 to 2007 and then on my own until 2010. When I started my own small firm in 1989, my practice was split between representing plaintiffs and defendants in personal injury as well as employment discrimination claims. Thereafter, when I closed my firm, I began again to do further personal injury work for smaller law firms and continue to do so to the present day.

Areas of Practice: primarily personal injury, both plaintiff and defendant, along with employment discrimination and breach of employment contracts. I am also an independent arbitrator in uninsured and under-insured motorist matters.

I am a member of the Illinois State Bar and the State Bar of Arizona.